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Informator za goste

Sve neophodne informacije za boravak u hotelu

Prilikom prijavljivanja svaki gost dobija ključ-karticu koja koja funkcioniše tokom boravka gosta. U 11:00h poslednjeg dana boravka kartica automatski prestaje da radi i ne može se više koristiti. Ova kartica služi za otvaranje sobrnih vrata i aktiviranje električne energije u sobi. Ukoliko kartica nije pravilno postavljena na svoje mesto, u sobi neće biti električne energije.

Svi prilključci u sobi su 220V .
U sobi se zabranjuje korišćenje pegle i svih ostalih električnih aparata kojima soba nije opremljena.

Sve sobe u hotelu opremljene su kablovskom televizijom.

Svaka soba ima poseban Wi-Fi ruter. Password za konekciju je 12345678

Ishrana je organizovana na bazi samoposluzivanja (svedski sto):

Dorucak: 08.00 – 10.30
Vecera: 18.00 – 20.00

Ukoliko Vam je potrebna pomoc oko prtljaga, obratite se osoblju na recepciji.

Ukoliko zelite da niko ne remeti Vas mir u sobi, sa unutrasnje strane sobe na uredjaju pritisnite taster DO NOT DISTRUB.

U slucaju da Vam je potrebna sobarica, pritisnite taster CLEAN UP. Sistem je elektronski povezan sa recepcijom hotela, i recepcija ce Vam poslati sobaricu u najkracem mogucem roku.

Bade mantili namenjeni su za koriscenje u sobi i u Wellness&Spa centru i ne smeju se iznositi iz hotela.

Peskiri se ne smeju iznositi iz sobe.

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Be Flexible

We always plan for delays and try not to get upset when things inevitably go wrong. Patience is extremely important when traveling!

Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language

A simple “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” in the local language goes a long way. I also like to learn the word for beer, but that’s just me.

Make a List

About a week or so before each trip, I make a mental list of items I don’t want to forget — which I WILL forget if I don’t write them down. I’ve learned that when I think of something, I need to write it down.

Don’t Forget an Extra Camera Battery (or Two)

Have you ever gotten to that epic sunset photo spot and realized your camera battery is dead and you don’t have a back up? I try to bring at least three camera batteries on all of our trips so that we don’t miss out on that perfect shot.

Always Buy Travel Insurance

A medical emergency can wipe out your savings — or even worse. We use and trust World Nomads for travel insurance.

Make Photocopies of Important Documents

In my early twenties, I was very good about keeping a copy of my passport in a separate bag from my actual passport. Then I got lazy. Recently, a friend of mine lost her passport at the airport. She was told that if she had brought a copy of it and extra passport photos they would have let her travel. Since she didn’t, she was forced to forfeit a $2,000 flight and a week in Europe. I now carry a copy with me.

Pack Extra Underwear

Undies are small and it’s always a good idea to have a few extra pairs in case of emergencies. Another option is to pack these quick-dry underwear so you can easily wash them on the road.

Pre-plan Your Outfits

I’m a lazy, last-minute packer, so I’ve spent too many trips with all black or all grey outfits because I didn’t plan my outfits before packing. I look back at photos and wish I had put more effort into packing.

Bring Lotion in Your Carry-on

I fill both sides of a contact lens case with hydrating lotion (I use this all-natural hydrating lotion) because they rarely have it in the lavatories and airplane cabins are exceptionally dry.

Put Your Room Number & Hotel Address in Your Phone

Am I the only one who can’t remember my hotel room number?? There has to be others out there like me.

Ask The Locals

We always ask the locals to point us to the best restaurants, awesome spots to watch the sunset, the best coffee shops, etc. I do like to tell people what type of food I’m craving though. I’ve been led to some interesting restaurants that wouldn’t have been my first choice.

Let Someone at Home Know Your Plans

This is extremely important when traveling solo, but it’s still a good idea no matter how many people are in your travel group.

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